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Continuous-wave Ti:Sapphire Lasers

Continuous Ti:Sapphire Lasers

Our continuous-wave Ti:sapphire laser is designed to be compact and efficient. It is widely tunable in the near-infrared, from 700 to 950 nm.
We offer broadband and single-frequency versions. The stabilized single-frequency version operates with linewidths of 100 kHz. A portable spectrometer can be included as an option.

If you have a pump laser, at 532 or 515 nm, this laser can be ordered as a stand alone unit. If not, we can offer it as a complete system, including the  pump laser at 532 nm, click here.


Raman spectroscopy, atomic and molecular spectroscopy, interferometry, laser cooling and trapping, quantum optics and non-linear optics (OPO pumping, blue generation), fiber laser research, telecommunications research, semiconductor studies.


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