Semiconductor Laser

High Power Semiconductor Laser



Medical Lasers

Laser sources have been reliable and secure in medical applications (e.g. dentistry, dermatology, urology, surgery, vascular treatment) for many years.

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Compact Series – Version 1.1 | Compact Series – Version 2.1 | FY Medical Series | 15 and 20W | 35 40 808 | 50 60 9xx | 35 40 9xx | 7-F200-DL808


Material Processing – High Power Lasers

Many conventional materials processing techniques are increasingly replaced by innovative laser. We offer fiber-coupled diode lasers with following features:
– fiber diameter from 100 µm up to 400 µm
– output power from 30 W up to multikilowatts
– wavelength from 790 nm up to 1470 nm
– passively cooled package, no microchannels
– customized diode laser accessoires (process tools, beam shaping systems,
fibers, chillers, power supplies)

laser material processing of plastics with high power diode lasers
laser material processing of metals with high power diode lasers
thin film materials processing with high power diode lasers

We provide your customized laser workstation with following components:
– diode laser module
– power supply
– cooling unit
– process control
– watchdog unit
– mechanical positioning
– workpiece holding device
– further accessories (e.g. process tools)
– technology in photovoltaics (PV), semiconductor industry and flat panel display (FPD) manufacturing. Even the automotive industry, packaging industry and electronics benefit from laser technology.

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Materials processing of metals | Plastics Joining | Thin film materials processing



Fast-axis collimator(FAC)

The “Fast-Axis Collimator” lens is the first and most important optical component of high power diode laser systems. The large numeric aperture allows the collimation of the entire diode power with best beam quality. The lenses are manufactured from high-quality glass and have an acylindrical surface. The high transmission and the good collimation properties guarantee best beam transformation efficiency for diode lasers.

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Compact FAC286-O / FAC286-D | FAC590-O / FAC590-D | FAC850-O / FAC850-D | FAC365-O / FAC365-D | FAC1500-O / FAC1500-D


Slow-axis collimator (SAC)

The “Slow-Axis Collimator” lenses consist of a monolithic array of cylindrical lenses. The very low curvature deviation of the individual lenses of the array of 0.5 % ensures most efficient collimation of the light of all emitters of a laser bar.

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SAC-Arrays with pitch 500 | TEL-150/500 | TEL-200/400


FAC-SAC and FAC-TEL collimation modules

The collimation module allows the collimation of the laser beam of high power diode lasers of best quality with only one optical element.

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(1265.310) / (1265.311) | (9007.410) / (9007.411) | (9007.420) / (9007.421)


Beam transformation systems (BTS)

The BTS shapes the extremely asymmetrical far-field distribution of the emitter light into an almost round profile, which is bundled to a symmetrical focus with the HOC.

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BTS-200/400 – (1401.400) | BTS-150/500 – (1401.410) | BTS-150/500 – (1401.413) | BTS-150/500D – (1421.410)



The BTS-HOC is a simple and efficient system for coupling the light of all emitters of a high power diode laser bar into only one fiber. It consists of only two elements, the Beam Transformation System (BTS) and the Hybrid Optical Chip (HOC).

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150-500 – (1401.611) | 150-500 – (1401.618) | 150-500 – (1401.625) | 150-500 – (1421.617) | 200-400 – (1401.601) | 200-400 – (1401.607)



The collimator produces, from the light of a single emitter, a symmetrical beam with an almost round far-field profile. The collimator consists of a monolithic glass block with two opposite crossed cylindrical surfaces having different focal lengths, which collimate the light from the fast and slow axes. The element is suitable for light collimation of multimode emitters, single mode diodes and trapezoidal diodes. Passive assembly edges simplify the mounting.

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Multi-mode Collimator | Single-mode Collimator


Fiber couplers

The fiber coupler allows a direct diode fiber coupling of single emitters with only one lens element. The coupler consists of a monolithic glass block with two opposite crossed cylindrical surfaces and passive alignment edges. The light of the fast and slow axes is collimated by one cylindrical lense to produce a symmetrical focus.

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(1645.001) | (9003.002) | (9003.005) | (9003.006) | (9003.007) | (9003.008) | (9003.009)



Our standard homogenizer substrates are used individually or as pairs for uniform laser illumination. Due to monolithic design and smooth transitions between adjacent lenses the transmission and efficiency of our homogenizers is the best in the industry (> 98%). We fully support high power 193 nm applications.

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Pitch 0.5 | Pitch 0.8


Micro lens arrays

In addition to standardized micro optics we offer customized micro lens arrays.
Our technology allows the processing of a large range of materials, such as:
– optical glass: fused silica, BK7, S-TIH53
– crystals: calcium fluoride, YAG, LuAG
– semiconductors: Si, Ge, ZnSe
– ceramics

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